(Last update : January, 12th 2003)

  News : Hi everyone, just a quick word to tell you that I stop this site, I will not update it anymore, I don’t have time. I keep it open, but I won’t add any content. Sorry for those who sent me there pictures and that I didn’t put on the site. The old e-mail adress has been shut down.
 Keep enjoying your VTR, and be carefull.



   For those of you who want to work on their VTR, here is the "
Micro fiche" for the Honda VTR 1000 F. (Thanks  Valérian).

 Welcome  to my web site dedicated to the Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm (or Super Hawk for the  US). The aim of this beast was to hunt on the Ducati 996's field. But she is quiet different from the Ducati, she pay more intention to the driver . But she's really nice to drive. Welcome to the VTR's univers, enjoy it!

  If you have any question, or if you need some advise or information on vtr's part, just e-mail me.


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